Thursday, April 19, 2007

Photos from the indoor greenhouse :)

The Asiatic pink lilly's (I only repotted them.The pink pot must have had a few bulbs in it).There are two growing stems, and a third emerging from the soil...

The Aqualegia purple empereor again.Soon to flower I hope.This was from the Nursery at Shelley.Every plant has come from somewhere I have visited..

My new plant from shopping today.A Japanese maple.This will be grown indoors untill I have a house with a garden. My first got chewed by a dog, the second and third got blown away then dried out before dropping every leaf!
I hope this one survives indoors.It has been repotted and watered today.
My indoor garden has taken over three windowsills, one plant stand, a black trolley, and the kitchen top.Its like an indoor greenhouse!


Georgina said...

Hey Bro, I think Japanese maples are my favourite trees. The San Francisco botanical gardens (I think) had a gorgeous Japanese Tea Garden with maples and a bridge. Zen! Sis x

OldRoses said...

Every greenhouse needs a cat! Any plans to aquire one?

David (Snappy) said...

Hey Jaws I was going to do an arrangement of Oriental plants, running water, and a buddah.Zen indoor garden :)
Oldroses,I miss my cats terribly.They could not live here though because Westgate is like an Indianapolis speedway.Crazy fast cars and buses.When I move into a house I will.Every garden needs some undergardeners, especially the feline kind!

xxsnappygirlxx said...

hi snappy like the purple emperore and the maple plant love all the pics