Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three Plants...

This is the Peace lilly from Frans Nanna.I am trying to make it healthy and hopefully flower again.
It has been fed i think with tea from the bottom of cups with rich tea biscuits.
Its now back on a diet of water, and dilute plant flood.
The leaves had yellowed because of the Sunlight from where it was positioned.I hope they green up in the semi light of the flat, away from the Windowills.About eight foot away!

The Bird of Paradise plant, with its brand new leaf in the middle. I have seen them all over the place now. Shops and nurserys seem to be stocking exotic species from before.

The bird of paradise you can even buy the flower as a cut one, plus the plants.Orchids are on sale too, and i bought another one today.

I like my baby bird of paradise plant and it will hopefully grow big, and last for years.From a small plant in a box to a specimin plant in a large ceramic pot, maybe with a bird design on the pot.Aztec style?

Look at what I found today...I only went for some food shopping, but thought I would try to buy some busy lizzie seeds. I did but also acquired this gorgeous Jewel Orchid, and some Mimulus plus busy lizzie seeds.
I will try to photograph it better.The leaves are like black velvet that shines in the light like holograms, with pale veins.
The plant has flower buds and the most delicate pink leaves up the stem.
It is supposed to be hardy, a ground dwelling terrestial orchid from south east asia.
It is grown for its beautiful leaves, whose mad surface defy photography.I will try though.
They have white, scented flowers.More posts about them soon..
I also have my Cactus, Easter Cactus, and Mother in Laws tongue which i consider as house plants. I was eyeing up a spider plant today but resisted the temptation.
The Jungle of my flat is greening up.Hils Charity plant sale is on the fourth of June.I will move the majority of what has grown to that I think.I seriously need a house with a garden :(
Untill then I will keep trying to grow a phenomenal amount of plants, seedlings, and exotics on my three windowsill lol.Hope your gardens are giving you as much pleasure as my indoor garden is.


David (Snappy) said...

Hi Amanda the bearded Iris look lovely in the picture.You could risk it for the two bulbs.I guess they will spread out over years and make more bulbs so you can lift the clump and divide them.Its good to buy perennial bulbs!

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Hey Snappy,
My other half wants a bird of paradise plant but I have been putting off getting one. Don't the get rather large? The other reason I am putting off getting it is that I would be the one to find a place in the house and take care of it. The jewel orchid sounds wonderful with the hologram type leaves. Good luck with them.

lisa said...

Wow, that orchid looks WAY cool....I can tell from the picture that the leaves are really velvety! Can't wait to see that one bloom!

Unknown said...

Oooh... I love the leaves on that orchid, too. How long (do you think) before it will bloom?

OldRoses said...

I love how you are creating an indoor garden! You must smile every time you walk in the door.

David (Snappy) said...

KC MO garden guy, they can grow monsterously big.My south african friend told me about a fifteen foot clump that had been growing for years.The answer is keep them in a large stone pot.The size of the pot will determine how big it can grow.
They are greenhouse, or patio plants that can sit outside in the summer.Retreat back indoors when its cold and wet.I hope you consider buying one.Im hoping mine will flower too one day.It is a baby plant really now..
Lisa it is close to blooming now.I will photograph them and sniff them to tell you what they smell like.I got a whiff of jasmine type perfume yesterday when i sniffed the buds.It is suppossed to flower between december to january.I also read they flower on their own time :)
They are also good to propogate and are not as fussy as other orchids.The leaves are divine, with their velvety texture, red veins running parallell to the centre, and the funny thing of reflecting light like a hologram.
Some people just grow them for the leaves...
Blackswamp girl,I think in the next week or two.The flowers are contained within candy pink leafs on the growing stem.
Oldroses, I do indeed have a smile when I walk in.From outside you can see the myriad of pots and plants growing, and the tall black plant stand.I worry about my passion for turning it into a jungle.
I have Hils plant sale as a reason to grow so many.The actual process of sowing seeds, then making the seedlings grow into healthy plants is good.
Its a positive addiction i guess :)