Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dandelion Wine

This was bottled on Friday.Two wine size bottles, and two small beer bottles.I have asked people to save me their old wine bottles.
It tastes strong and a a mixture of the Dandelion flower with orange/lemon hint.It needs to naturally settle now over the next five months.
Its one thing to have the patience for sowing seeds, and monitor the flowers progress, its different when you are waiting for a year to work out if a wine is drinkable.
Angela will be my guinea pig as she made home made wines before so her feedback can guide future batches!!
It was made with no special equipment, using only things found in the kitchen normally.
This was not without problems, but I wanted an experiment to see if wine can be made using old techniques.When peoples parents and grandparents made it they used normal equipment.
Also still in the cupboard is the demijohn full of one gallon of Plum wine.Angela gave me her excess plums last year.I used them to make more wine!!
I need six wine bottles I think for bottling that up.Then some wine rack to let the wine clear, and start to taste better.
I had two six monthly tastes, and both taste better now than before.The bitterness from the dead yeast has cleared.The impurities float down to the bottom, and when you rack it (transfer it from demijohn to bottle) you remove them.
How did it start? From reading blogs I read a question about the recipie for Dandelion wine. In the spring last year my garden had loads of them all over the lawn.So the madness began lol, as an experiment and new skill to learn.
I made some acrylic painted wine labels with Dandelions on them.I thought they looked arty, but now how to stick them on the bottles?
I will blog what Angela (cheif home made wine tester) says about both wines:)


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Heeeey! You're back!
I was just over at another blog, and saw your face in the comments, so rushed right over to say hello. I must go have a read of all your latest posts, I had no idea you were back. Welcome back to the world of blogging.
Have a happy Easter.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Salix tree,It has been too long.Glad you found my face somewhere.I did not know if my comments were broken.Been blogging with no feedback for a week.I turned off the funny letters too to see if that was putting people off.Theres a few posts from March onwards.I have been trying to catch up on old blogs, now need to add yours to my list of fourty blogs to read and comment.:)
Thanks for dropping by.You cheered me up this Easter day!

Unknown said...

*Volunteers to help try the plum wine* :)

David (Snappy) said...

Blackswamp girl,I would love to send you some Plum wine.Would US customs let a bottle of it through?If they do I will bubble wrap it well and post it to you.Fran has saved me 18 empty bottles for my home made wine making.Next up will be some Gooseberry wine, which should be Rose coloured.Mmmm :)

KC MO Garden Guy said...

I just finished spraying the dandelions in our yard and the neighbors. Sometimes you have to help the neighbors with their yards to make the work in your yard easier. I have always heard of dandelion wine but never tasted any. Several years ago my Dad made peach brandy. It was pretty good.