Saturday, April 07, 2007

Photos from yesterday part two

The Woodmans weather stick.If its pointing up it will be fair day.If its pointing down its a wet day.
I dont know how it works.It stayed pointing up and it was a lovely hot sunny day yesterday.

Frans doggy.She followed us around everywhere yesterday, even over the back fence for the bark chippings, around the sides of the houses, through a green metal fence to get back to Frans house. Three times we filled up with bark, and three times she joined us.
She was interested in chewing sticks and stones..

Dicentra with Red hearts, still want one of these to grow.I love the leaves and the flower buds.The dangling hearts look wanderful too.

Another Dicentra,This one i guess is Alba.White flowered, a perfect companion plant to the red flowered one.

Mystery plant number two.With its pink flowers held over small leaves. Losing plant labels is obviously not just a gardeners trait.Even garden centres lose them.
You begin to call it by its physical the pink flowered plant...
Iceland Poppy.I loved the flower buds on these.They remind me of Cavemen.Green velvety pods with fine downy black hair.
The flowers on the label were spectacular orange and yellow poppies like flying saucers.


lisa said...

Isn't it fun to work in other people's gardens? I enjoy it almost more than my own...feels good to share the "garden fever" with someone else!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lisa, It is great to work with peoples gardens.Fran uses me for advice, and working out planting schemes, and for doing the work with her.Its more play with me though because i love being in the Sunshine.If you are gardenless helping friends with gardens keeps your thumb green, and the gardens in your blood :)
At the three nurserys yesterday we shared plant fever.Spedning ages looking touching sniffing reading the plant :)