Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Fav wildflowers again :)

The infamous Dandelions on the way up to Sainsburys. Growing in waste ground, these ones on Gravel by the Car repair place.

I wander whether or not to print out the recipie for Dandelion wine.I know some people have googled and ended up on my post but thats without a recipie.I have four books now with various recipies and the vague one that I used before.

From this...........

To this over the course of a year...

If anyone wants the Recipie drop me a comment and i will post it in the comments, or a new post :)


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hi Snappy,

I'd like your recipe for dandylions wine. I made some lovely elderberry blossom champagne last year and some violet soup a few weeks ago so ... I'm in!

BTW I named one of my kittens Dandy Lion, no guesses whether I like these wildflowers, eh?


Anonymous said...

Love the dandelions:) I used to bring a handful to my mother when I was little. She would always put them in water for me even though they weren't her favorite.

Anonymous said...

My husband tries to pull them out when they pop up in our grass - I leave them (and tell him don't touch!). They are nice little signs of spring (and tasty!). Post your recipe! Sounds fun.

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

I just love dandelions!!! They are the flowers of my youth. :)

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Yolanda Elizabeth,I love the sound of the Elderflower blossom champagne!I will post the recepie today.I made it purely with Dandelion flowers, oranges and lemons for juice and the fruit, sugar, raisins, and yeast.There are many recipies in the books, but i wanted an old fashioned one without too much science and chemicals.A lot of wine making uses chemical additives to help the fermentation..A kitten called Dandy lion is gorgeous..
Beverly, thats sweet story.I used to pick the flowers with my sister and make sumptuous yellow pillows out of Dandelion flowers.A lovely orangey/yellow satiny soft pillow!
Kristi after the cold and damp winter where the soil is bare in places they are harbingers of Spring when the yellow flowers start appearing.Here they have gone mental flowering en masse.They flower again around September too.I can make Dandelion wine twice a year when the flowers explode!
Gardenmomma they are the flowers of my youth too.I still love them with maturing age :)