Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yellow Hemerocalis

These yellow Day lilys smelt lovely, a very sweet pleasant scent.
I could not see a name tag by them.I looked up scented yellow day lilys.
It said they have been grown in China for thousands of years.The buds are said to be a delicacy.
They are good growers, and need splitting every few years to maintain good flowers.
Karen, I thought of you when i saw these.The day lily queen of 123 Garden!

These are now on my planting wishlist for a scented garden.

Love the flower colour and shape.They are said to be good too at keeping weeds at bay.The only problem is a hemerocallis gall midge that invades and infects the buds. the buds drop and the invader works their way into the ground to emerge as a fly and start the cycle over again.
Harlow Carr have been removing diseased buds as the only way to stop the midge larvae attack!
It said that late flowering Day lilys are not as prone to this, so maybe buy a few that flower at different times of the year.


Karen said...

Oh, I don't know how I missed this one the first time. I'm glad you pointed it out to me snappy. Not very many of my daylilies are scented, but the ones that are have a lovely delicate scent. I think the best one I have for scent is 'Barbara Mitchell'. (It needs dividing this year. Too bad we are not in the same country or I would happily give you one of my divisions.)

snappy said...

I am glad I pointed it out to you.They were beautiful scented, and delicate yellow petals even after the rain.I will look up the Barbara mitchell one.Wish we were in same country lol I would love a division plant.I will look at your photos now of all your daylilys yet to bloom.
You have the widest selection of anyone I know.If I have any daylily problems I will email you :)