Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hilarys Poppy

This was taken last week in Hilarys garden.She has been redoing it this week, making her borders rainbow like moving from Hot reds down to cool blues.I guess the Poppy is somewhere near hot.
The sun was shining and the flowers had freshly opened.I love the striking orange papery petals and yellow centres.Like sweets!
My last night shift tonight of Seven.I have blogged even with tiredness and sleep deprivation through this week.
Next week is going to be good.I am visiting a garden (Pats)on tuesday to photograph it.Then on wednesday I am off to Harlow Carr, A royal horticultural society Garden.One of four, but the only one in Yorkshire.
I need a full battery charge for that, and will hopefully bring back some plants!!
Unless I say my photos are from other peoples gardens, or outside then they are growing on my windowsills..
Busy lizzies, french marigolds, Verbena Bonarensis, Fuschias, Oriental stargazer (only one plant now has buds left on it), Asiatic lilly, Bouganvillea, snapdragons, Geum, sunflowers, Gazania tiger stripes, Hydrangea, An unknown Fern, Bird of paradise, Aspidistra, Jewel Orchid, Phaelanopsis, tomato plants, Bletilla Striata's.....
Thats some of whats growing inside the indoor greenhouse now :)


Ki said...

A very beautiful shade of orange and yellow in that poppy. It's amazing that such a delicate flower could exist without getting battered and bruised.

snappy said...

Ki,thanks for the comment.It was a sunny day with a slight breeze when i took photo.The poppys had just opened I think.The petals look fresh and vibrant in the photo.
They are great to photograph soon after they unfurl their petals.Wind and rain will damage them.I think its an oriental poppy but it could be a california.Does anyone know the differences between the two?