Friday, June 15, 2007

The Wet Snappy Gardener

Here I am photographed by Fran.I have posted about Five areas we saw. The Rose revolution borders, Kitchen garden, The Gardens through time, the Queen Mothers lake, and the Woodland walk.
I will post some more tomorrow from the Main Spectacular borders, Alpine house, and the Scented Garden.
We spent five hours in the rain looking at all the flowers.There are parts that I have not seen yet.
These include the proper woodland walk which extends to the far side of the garden, a wild flower meadow and bird hide, Arboretum, Humus Rich garden, and the Streamside.
I loved all the flowers that I photographed.I hope it shows through!!
The amount of gardening ideas you can take from here is amazing. I never thought that visiting a large garden could expose you to so much beauty, and planting ideas.
It also has a cafe, and a garden centre so you can take away some of the plants that you have seen throughout the day.
Some of the photos are spectacular.I might even print them for display in a picture frame.I will do that later my top 12 photos from Harlow Carr.So many to choose from :)

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