Saturday, June 16, 2007

Harlow Carr hybrid 3rd pic

Last photo from today.Its been some labour of love putting the photos on in some kind of order.I think if i took 12 it would not be as bad!
There are photos of the Scented Garden, the Alpine houses, the most spectacular display of Lupins i have ever seen, and other photos that dont fit either category.
Who would believe one visit could take so many days to write about and upload photos via blogger when its behaving.
I have found it more tiring blogging it then the five hours we spent in Harlow Carr,lol.I am back to work on monday and tuesday, so tomorrow is last day off to blog the last few areas.
It works on two levels, a tour of the gardens through my camera lens and words, and for me as a personel record of one mad, wet day.
My first visit to a garden, with the intention of seeing it, photographing it, then writing about it.Hope its not been too bad to read :)


Britt-Arnhild said...

Wow, these are incredible. I love the colourplay.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

That's so showy, it's hard to believe it's a primrose! :)

snappy said...

Thanks Britt,I love the colours as you can tell from the photos.The colours are vibrant and lively..
Hi Kim, The Candelabra primulas are freaky looking plants where the growing stem is four or five feet in the air with the flowers in the air spectacularly.
The Harlow Carr hybrids were in shades of Red, orange, and yellow. Like giant Catherine wheels of colour.
They flower from June and are a highlight I think of a visit.I imagine people get misty eyed remembering the colours when they are not flowering.
They have been planted En Masse, so its not a Gaudy single specimin, its hundreds of plants.
They illuminate the gardens I think.Im a big Fan of a plant i have never heard of prior to last wednesday!

Ki said...

What interesting looking primroses. Does it have a scent?

snappy said...

KI,I cant remember smelling the Candelabra primulas.In July I will try to see if they are scented.
They were spectacularly coloured, and just a unique looking plant.