Sunday, June 17, 2007

Alpine House Last Photos

The final set of Harlow Carr pictures.Those boots were made for walking...untill the Sempervivums moved in.
They look like they were made to last the boots!

Its not all flowers :) here is the beautiful Ophiopogon Planiscarpis Nigrescens.A dwarf growing plant that has purple leaves, but when its exposed to drained soil and full sun they turn black.
Its also called Black dragon, or Ebony knight.I loved this darkness in the green/red/brightness of the other Alpine house plants.
This is a Blackswamp girl kind of plant.Its also on my wishlist now..

The gorgeous flowers of an unknown succulent with yellow crowns at the centre.


Karen said...

Snappy, I don't know how long it's been since I checked in with you, but I've got to remember and do so more often. I had 58 (!!) posts to catch up on. Love that black Ophiopogon. I suspect it's not hardy, but it would make a great container plant in the summer.

Karen said...

Oh, it's Black Mondo Grass. Never mind. :)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I had to return to see how the garden tour went. It looks like a huge success judging from the pictures despite the rain. The thing growing out of the Hosta is a flower spike. They usually bloom purple/lavender and sometimes white. Gardeners over here sometimes remove the flowers and just grow the plant for the foliage but I keep mine. I have one type that is fragrant.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Snappy, you made me grin... and you're so right! I have two 'Ebony Knight' in my driveway bed. (I picked out a pot at the nursery that contained two, and split them.) They're little here, so I planted them right next to where I park my car so I can see them every day. lol.

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Snappy, it's been a while since I've visited. Such beautiful flowers! Your photos are wonderful!

snappy said...

Karen it was an ophiopogon.You were right.It has a variety of names but i loved the plant!!
Hi Chris,Glad you like hostas enough to keep the flower spikes.I had some unkwon varities that had purple flowers that were scented.
I like the Hostas that look grand and imperious through summer to autumn.They die off and dissapear, but in the spring the rolled up leaves push through the soil like cuban cigars.They are a sign of spring and renewed growth of the earth.
Blackswamp girl,I thought of you when i photographed it,Some kind of psychic link to you.It is a fab plant because its unusual.I would love to see them every day like you do.Black knight.Even the names are fantasy stuff.
Gardenmomma,thanks for the kind words.I have posted a lot of photos (maybe 90) from the Harlow Carr RHS garden.I enjoyed it thoroughly and i hoped it showed through pictures and words.

Salix Tree said...

That black mondo grass grows very easily. I bought one plant years ago, and it grew underground runners, and I have so much now! Wish I knew you wanted some, I could have packaged a bit along with the honeysuckle.
Well, maybe another package sometime, hm?

snappy said...

I would love some Black Knight grass.It was lovely.It must be hardy then to survive Irish conditions.I still have the Roobos teabag box, ziplock bag, and address on the white envelope.It was great way to send the honeysuckle.I dont know what to send you back.Maybe some Viola seeds?I only have the Viola midnight runner growing.They are too delicate to be posted.I will have to bring them to Ireland with me :)

Salix Tree said...

No need to send anything in particular just yet. Wait till you have a proper garden, maybe I will see something you can take a cutting from then. We gardeners are a patient lot!