Thursday, June 14, 2007

Unknown Blue Iris

The gorgeous blue Iris planted alongone side of the Sunken pool Garden.Half of the garden was roped off hence all the photos are from the side closest to the rose covered arbours.
Surrounding that garden was wild flowers and long grass.A wildlife friendly ecosytem right alongside the formal structure and planting of the Lutyens-Jekyll garden.
My head is swimming still with photos and flower names.There are still another five seperate garden area's to blog about.That was not all of them either!
58 acres is an enormous amount of ground, and when every border is literally stuffed full of plants, flowers, and tree's it is hard to take it all in.I think I could happily spend a week just wandering around with Camera and note book.
I love the small army of gardeners who were working on the Harlow Carr garden.I would love one of those jobs working there.
The visitors came thick and fast despite the rain. Britain, a nation of gardeners who dont mind getting soaked to the skin even with umbrellas. Getting wet looking at natural beauty is worth paying.
I hope the blog posts from today gives an idea of what Harlow Carr is like, as a flagship RHS garden. Growing in difficult conditions which has tested even the RHS gardeners. There is so much more to post.
One last photo to post today, give you a chance to absorb it all :)

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