Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hanging onto a Dicentra

In the cool light of the flat a little wee beastie hangs on his web.I have had a lot of small black flys recently buzzing around the flat.

He was hanging on the New Dicentra Spectabalis or red bleeding heart.I already photographed the flowers.

It is in the kitchen now with lots of new growth.I hope it lasts longer than the white Dicentra which never recovered from the nursery induced shock, and weakened its immune system.

I love finding new subjects to photograph. I think a garden full of ladybirds, earthworms, slugs, snails, hedgehogs, frogs, common garden birds, beetles, butterflies, and Bee's is a wander of nature.
It also means they like the environment you have created.
I have already blogged once about Robert the Bruce's encounter with a spider in a wood in Scotland. That story has been in my head for years after reading it. My spider pictures always bring me back to that.
There is beauty in even the commonplace if we look through new eyes.

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