Sunday, June 17, 2007

White Delphiums

I just realised posting these lovely white flowers they looked different.A few google images later and im sure these are Delphiniums.The Tudors called them Larkspur, the flower buds were also thought to resemble Dolphins..hence Delphinium.
They are a pure white colour.The last photo shows a Lupin with its smaller cup like flowers.Fran bought one from Walton plant sale which flowered a few days after.I think they flower from the bottom up.
I love the white flower buds here dripping with rain.Bliss!


Ki said...

Very lovely. We have only colored Delphiniums if you don't count the smaller varieties. Looking at your photos plus Yolanda Elizbet's white Del. has forced me to find some for our garden.

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

Oh! These are glorious! I think I want to try some.

snappy said...

Thanks Ki,I have sold the delphiniums to me too.The ones i liked on gardening blogs are the blue flowered ones.The white ones here are so pure white, they are like virgin snow freshly fallen.Its nice to see a white flower.These flowers have a lacy look to them too.
Hi garden momma I want them too.bless you :)