Saturday, June 09, 2007

Inca gold three


Jeanette said...

Hi David its been a while since I popped in. I think i will have to pop in more often so i wont miss anything.
now here an unusual lily its verty striking il will keep a look out for it. im off to see what i have missed

Anonymous said...

Great photo! I've not had success in growing these, so I don't have any in my garden now. They are really beautiful when they are in a happy place.

Sylvana said...

Those are very pretty. Are you growing all these plants indoors?

snappy said...

Hi Jeanette,I think the flowers are like little works of art.The colours are beautiful ranging from pastel shades to the tiger stripes on the top petals.The sun finally shone through the window so the colours are illuminated like staine glass window!
Kristi,I have yet to grow these.They are from a cut flowers a patient sent the ward.I cannot find any suppliers of bulbs yet to try to grow these..
Sylvana, Welcome back to my blog. Unless the post mentions it being outside or in someone elses garden all these flowers and plants are growing inside the Flat.On my windowsills.The flat is stuffed full of plants.I am looking for a new house soon with a garden.I have a lot of specimins to take with me for the future garden.
I miss the dirt and sun, so thats why i have gone mad growing as much as possible.
Some plants went to the plant sale last weekend, for local charitys.