Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Snail Shell

Found today in some pots that Hilary brought me a snail shell, with the most beautiful concentric ring pattern.
The snail was a real looker, the Dolce and Gabbana Snail shell look..I tried to find somewhere light in the flat to photograph it.I put it on my groovy tea tray.
Hils also brought some white Alstromeria cutflowers, pure white flowers with a splash of lime green on the petals, and red freckles. Plus an enormous 75 litre bag of compost :)
Whats better than spending four hours repotting plants and using half of that compost!
The indoor greenhouse is looking very green.I also got a new plant, A dicentra Spectablis (Bleeding heart) with some red heart flowers on it.
I gave Hil's the Balloon flower as it did not like my flat.It will look better in the blue end of her rainbow garden.
A good trade, a balloon flower for all the above mentioned things.We are going to Harlow Carr tomorrow. Near Harrogate, a garden built on a spring.
The camera batterys are being charged.Fran has made Tuna Sandwiches.Hils will bring some coffee to keep me well oiled.
I hope the weather holds the expected showers.I want to see the scented garden (smell?) and take a few photos.There is also a plant shop, and a tea room.
Cant wait, the perfect foil to doing seven long night shifts!!
A few bleeding heart photos to follow this post...


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Very interesting composition on the snail shot. I hope you had fun at the garden. If it is built on a spring I guess they don't have to water much.

snappy said...

Thanks Chris,I was just looking at your Digital flower photos blog last night.All the lovely roses and fir tree's.All your photos are excellent.
I only worked out after that the tea tray strongly contrasted with the snai shell.I just wanted it near a window as the Flat is not well lit, and a flash would lose some of the colour.
I like it though the shot :)
Its also been raining off and on for a few days so Harlow Carr should be lush.Will blog later.