Friday, June 29, 2007

Blue Grass

My 2,100th posting on Snappys Gardens Blog.I cant imagine how I have posted so much since 2005!
I spent hours trying to rearrange the plants, after I got a nice Corner Cabinet from a lady at work.Its now Sat in the front room with lots of plants on it, and the stereo is on the sofa waiting to be set up.
I have 82 pots/containers growing in the Flat.I dont know how many types of plants I have growing.
Garden plants sit alongside house plants, alongside Exotics plants.The lit side of the flat has a green glow, now the sunlight is hitting the flats opposite.
Pictured is the fabulous Festuca Glauca, or Blue Festue grass.It is a tough dwarf blue/green grass.I got two small pots from the plant sale.
Since Harlow Carr I have been thinking about ornamental grasses differently.With the Black knight and Carex in my wishlist this blue grass will find a spot in my future garden.
It likes sunshine, and drained soil, and prefers it dry.It only needs watering when its being established.It must be propogated by division of clumps, so my two pots came from that method.
It looks good in borders, or in terracotta pots.I have watched mine change colour from brown deathly looking, to a green/blue hazy colour.I will let the pots dry out to see if the grass turns the lovely blue colour in all the garden pictures of it.
I will google an image and post it to show you what it looks like in its blue glory :)


LostRoses said...

Snappy, a green glow on all your pot plants (82!) must be breath-taking. I do love the grasses too and have planted more of them each year. Most of them are annual here but I have a few hardier ones in the ground. I love the way they contrast with all the flower shapes around them.

LostRoses said...

P.S. Congratulations on 2,100 posts! And you're only 77% addicted?

snappy said...

Thanks Lostroses.I love the ornamental grasses.I can envisage them in a sensory garden waving in the wind and making a soft noise.They are also quite tactile too as well as contrasting to most garden plants.
I dont know how you can get a higher score on that quiz.The second year of the blog had a lot of photos posted individually.I try to post a batch together now.Heres to 2000 more posts :)

Trey Pitsenberger said...

Congratulations on your 2100 post. I have no idea how many I have done, but now I am going to check.

Blue fescue is one of my favorite low growing grasses. The steely blue color just adds so much to the garden.

snappy said...

Thanks Trey,I hope it goes blue soon too.I have developed a love of ornamental grasses and bamboos now for their structure, and their movement within a garden.
I think that the posts link on your dashboard tells you.Im past 2100 now, next stop 3000 :)