Sunday, June 17, 2007

Scented Garden

This was the only part of Harlow Carr I wanted to visit after reading the about the gardens prior to visiting. A scented garden sounded lovely.Plants and flowers with perfumed air. I wanted to make notes mentally of what was growing there. Here they are :)
The garden is square shaped, surrounded by Hedging to enclose it. The seating is below the level of the plants. They are supposed to grow above you to release their intoxicating perfumes.
However I think the rain washed away a lot of the scents. I went around sniffing all the plants that I could see, to see if they actually smelled.
The only thing I knew about Wisteria was its where the Desperate Housewives lived...Wisteria Lane :)
Hils said yes thats Wisteria growing along an Arbour, and i stood on tip toes trying to put my nose near the trailing flowers. They smelt lovely. Internet needs perfume programmes so you can smell things!
I will post a montage I think of the Flowers I photographed. These include a yellow Day lilly (I got wet knees bending down to smell it.Thought of 123 garden! Karen who loves day lilies.),
An unknown purple Clematis, Rosa Eglyntyne, sweet pea's growing up a willow frame, and Rose Brother Cadfael, plus an unknown white rose.
I will revisit in July and try to see if it is more fragrant on a warm summers day.

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