Friday, June 15, 2007

Flowers along the Lakeside

I thought this was a thistle.I stopped in the rain to get in the wet grass to take its photo.A little pink Jewel hidden amongst the long grass.I dont know the name of this one.
The famous Harlow Carr hybrid Candelabra Primula, flowering en masse along the lake and stream side.This plant is like a beacon, the colours are that vibrant.You can see it on the lake photos in places, and i have a better photo for later!

A lovely Hosta with some kind of flowery thing.I bet all you Hosta lovers can tell me what is growing up.Whether it is a flower bud.I think the birds had eaten all the slugs as there was not much slug damage.They looked happy on the damp margins of the lake.

Unknown flower.I love the violet/blue petals.It is photographed below too.
Last photo.I think it is some kind of Iris or lilly.When i go back in July I will try to get a closer drier photo if its still in flower.


xxsnappygirlxx said...

just want to say you must have been in heaven taking all these flowers they are lovely and colourful hope to see more

snappy said...

Thanks for your kind words :)

lisa said...

The hosta does have a flower bud...and the purple flower is tradescantia, or "widow's tears", I have several kinds, and they are very hardy and bloom profusely.

snappy said...

Thanks Lisa for Identifying the Plant with the three petaled flowers.I love the internet as a way of Identifying plants.It was growing in clumps by the lake Side.They are attractive flowers.Rain splattered when I photographed them.I will try to get some better photos when I go back as these were taken running for cover between rain showers.
The Hosta flower buds almost looks like a succulent its so rounded and rolled up.Will drop by your blog soon :)