Friday, June 08, 2007

Green and light

Hydrangea in the Evening Sunlight after getting up.They are flowering in the pot that is sat near the Bedroom Windowsill.I am waiting for the colours to develop on the little green flowers.The top leaves have already turned a lighter peppermint green colour compared to the usual dark green well veined leaves.
The Oriental Stargazers have two well developed buds on one plant, and one sickly looking bud on the other plant.That second plant dropped most of its buds off for some strange reason.
I think they dont like the cold.The weather has been warm during the day, but then chilly at night.I have never grown them before so the journey from planting the bulb, to leaves growing, buds developing, and the final flowering stage is new.
I take a few photos when i get up before going to work.The plants are chilling to classic FM at night then being moved to a light room whilst i sleep.
Once im up i check their growth, soil, leaves, or flowers.They seem to be flourishing with my minimal attention.
Only two more nights after the Fifth one tonight.It always reminds me of Shakespeare Twelth Night :)

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