Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another Rescued Plant

Geum from the plant stall.The RHS Gardeners encyclopedia has such a lovely picture that we sold several based on that.There was one homeless Geum at the end which I took home.It has airy big green leaves that seem to float above the soil.The flowers rise up from the leafs.There are no buds yet.It needs a bigger pot.I thought they would be superb planted with Heucheras for the combination of leaf textures and colours.
They are herbaceous perennial plants and grow all over the world.They can grow in sun or partial shade. They spread bu underground Rhizomes, so i guess this plant has been seperated from its parent one.
They weave their flowers through other plants instead of standing up so they can be used in combination planting for great displays.
Five more nights to go.I think this week will be a post a picture a day of whats growing in the indoor greenhouse.Lots more than just Asiatic lillys which are ending their sumptuous blooms, and Hydrangea in a pot :)


Karen said...

The flowers of the red geum (seen in the Wikipedia article) look similar to the rock rose (helianthemum) I have planted with heuchera, though the foliage and growth habit is different.

snappy said...

I think Geum is related to the rose family.Glad you have planted with Heuchera.Great minds think alike :)

lisa said...

Nice! I hope it grows good for you! I have geum triflorum, prairie smoke, and it does quite well, although I don't see much spread yet.