Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The Bougainvillea has a flower bud already. The Flowers are usually white and small, but it is the bright papery bracts that are colourful. I thought they were the flowers.
They are native to south America, and were discovered in Brazil in 1758 by a french Admiral Louis Antoine de Bougainville.
I hope it flowers beautifully. Another Exotic plant for the indoor greenhouse.It likes bright sunlight, moderate watering, and should flower every six weeks.In its natural habitat it can grow 12 metres tall.I will keep it pot bound.The BBC site said a 30cm pot should keep it to about two foot tall.I need a stick for it to grow up.The one it came with is shorter than the plant.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

I had a bougainvillea once but it took over my whole conservatory so it had to go. It's a beautiful plant though!

snappy said...

I hope mines does not take over the Flat.There is not a lot of room for it anyway.It is beautiful and i hope to photograph it :)