Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Final Secret Tile

I looked along the windowsill, and did a little more scratching to see if any more works of art were beneath the White/orange paint.I thought it was like Brown flowers.

I used a butter knife this time to uncover Another Botanical tile. Once uncovered it was named Chimapila Umbellata:

It says it is commonly called Pippisewa, or Princes pine, and is a flavouring used in candy and Root beer.

Here are the details of the flowers.It says the flowers are usually pink or white.
These look Chocolate coloured to me :)

The Roots, leaves, and Botanical name! Two strangely exotic plants hand painted on kitchen tiles, then painted over.

Waiting for me to knock off some paint to realise there was something beneath worth uncovering.

I am still researching both plants on google. Do you know any of them at all? Why were these plants used and not common garden herbs or vegetables?


Dirty Fingernails said...

That is an interesting fact that they are uncommon. I hadn't heard of these before.. Although I am inclined to want the root beer flavoring one... They are beautiful.

snappy said...

Dirty fingernails I want some root beer too now.I had not heard of either plant either before uncovering the tiles.