Monday, June 04, 2007

Aspidistra flying in...

The Aspidistra Elatior was one of my prize finds yesterday at the plant stall.It has beautiful two foot long leaves, and the stems are like thick green sticks (I thought they were green canes keeping it upright, untill i looked closer).
Also called the Cast Iron plant it loves low light areas, occasional watering, and has some purple flowers that grow at the base occasionally.I have mine about eight foot from the window.It likes half strength fertiliser during the summer every few weeks.
Joining the Richard E Grant loving plant are ten other kinds of flowering plant or grass.
These new plants are:
1) Aspidistra pictured :)
2) Fuschia Alice Hoffman
3) Salvia red plant
4) Penstemon Amelia Jane, small plant
5) French Marigolds: eight plants
6) Nicotiana Domino, eight plants with flowers of red, white, and pale green.
7) Streptocarpus from Hil's house.A hairy leaved flowering plant..
8) Festuca Glauca, two pots of the green/blue dwarf growing grass
9) Bougainvillea
10) Unknown name Hellebore, a baby plant
11) Geum Yellow, with its crinkly green heuchera like leaves.
12) Aeonium Schwarzkopf, a strange looking a house leek on a long stem.Its so big the rossette it tips the pot over.
Thats given me loads more plants to photograph.I took over a hundred yesterday from Hilarys garden, and one of her friends who had the most glorious Peony in pink and white flowering.They will be posts this week, between my seven night shifts.
Hope all your gardens are growing, and that the sun smiles down on you :)


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oooh... I can't wait to see the pics of "Aeonium Schwarzkopf" because I've wanted that plant for a long time. It's a dark leaf aeonium, right?

snappy said...

I will post a photo of it for you blackswamp girl.It is a dark leaved one, black in places, and green in overs.The leaves are almost red in places too.Hard to describe so i will blog it.The pics i saw when i did research were dark leafs :)