Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday's Flowers full of Grace..

Geranium Vancouver Centennial, the Scarlet flower

The Asiatic lilly blooming still, but dropping flowers now :(

The first recognisable flower on the Hydrangea.Where is the coloured petals? Will it be blue, pink, or white?Should i get iron chippings for the soil to make it blue?

The Nicotiana Domino starry shaped red flowers.I thought these were scented but i cant smell anything!
I want a sensory garden one day with sights, smells, and textures.I love handling leafs, sniffing flowers, examining the flowers, buds, and looking for new growth.


Karen said...

I like this post, the way the photos are lined up with a bit of text. But also the photos are amazing. All of them work beautifully with the available light.

Poetry said...

The moon is gone.

She fled as dawn approached.

Dawn as a slowly opening eye.

White sea birds skimming over the water,

looking for an early morning snack.

The mirror brightens.

From a blood moon at dawn to a mirror

reflecting waking life...


I woke her to take the moon.

Her campaign was swift and terrible.

Metallic and fierce.

Glaring up in the twilight.

But the moon was both implacable and unreachable

and in the end the war against the moon failed.

As dawn rose slowly from her bed, the moon slipped away.

But in the end, all that was lost,

was a little sleep....


1 June 2007

Burning Moon

Moon Fire

Blood Moon

smoked Moon

Smoky Moon

Smouldering Moon


4 June 2007

After the storm, my mine cleared.

And a high wind arose and blew the tropics north.


running quartz crystals through a blender.

sand through your engines.

bubble in your bays.

estuaries reaching out toward forbidden seas...

sand through your eyes.


5 June 2007

Calm as baby's breath

as peaceful as the storm's eye

Clouds spread and drawn with rough strokes of stratospheric winds

a warm and windy tropical day.

snappy said...

Very nice Poetry, but i dont know how it relates to Tuesdays Grace :)