Saturday, June 16, 2007

Perfect Combination

I smiled when I saw this combination, the one I thought of...Geums growing alongside the Burgundy Heuchera.The red flowers floating above the two toned leaves.Other strappy leaved plants are growing behind.I love the mulched bed too which seem to keep the weeds in check, and the roots warm!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oooh... that's beautiful. I may have to steal that combination idea for my own garden! (And it would give me more actual flowers... *grin* Thanks for your kind words on my lack-of-flowers post, Snappy.)

snappy said...

I think it would look good in your garden the Heuchera/Geum combination.I have A geum yellow flower (Alas not flowering either) growing on from the Plant Sale.I saw the Burgundy Heuchera for Sale too.The different leaf shape,and texture works, and they both seem to have airy flowers that float above the plants.To answer my own question to you the Foliage in the garden is the Canvas, the flowers are the brush strokes and colours.
They have a limited life so when they fade you need something to look at.Foliage is good to show rain, sunlight, frost,and snow.
Most will have flowers or fruits, or changing leaf colour.
Harlow Carr had a lot of foliage planting.different colours planted close, blending into a multicoloured view.Your blog makes me smile :)