Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rose Revolution Borders

The Rose revolution borders run along the path from the main entrance leftwards.The borders were liberally planted with rose bushes, Salvia, and Aliums.The peach coloured flowers with yellow stamen above are nameless.I didnt see what they were called.

I love all the roses, and were sniffing all of them.The scent of roses is one of their highlights.I need a scent program that works on the internet.

This montage gives a feel of the opening display that takes your breath away.I could have taken five hundred photos and it still only gives a glimpse.It is good publicity for the RHS and Harlow Carr.I plan more visits throughout year to see how things grow and to see the parts we never reached because of the heavy rain!You can see a lot of rain drops on the flowers throughout the day.

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