Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oriental Stargazer Lilly

It is almost in bloom,I can see the edge of the petal just exposed slightly, the dark pink colour with Raspberry jam spots on it.I hope this flower is scented. What a bud over the stiff upright stem with the shiny stiff green leaves.Even the roots look a colourful lime green colour growing into the soil at the base of the stem.
The other plant never made it, maybe next year.I am excited at this one though.I might buy lots more bulbs for next year.Get a bigger pot and see if i can get multiple flowers on the green leafy stems.
It is a Hybrid lilly grown in 1978 by a guy called Leslie Woodriff. He called it Stargazer because the flower faces the sky. It can be grown in borders, and container pots. It likes full sun, and well drained soil. It usually has four to five blooms per stem :(, mine has one.It naturalises too so it should be easier to increase your stock.The flower itself is Sterile and will not grow from seed.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

I sure hope your Stargazer blooms. You will love the fragrance. I think they drop their buds due to two reasons, not being planted deep enough and low light levels. I am not sure if that is what happened in your case, though.

snappy said...

Hi Chris (Digital flower pictures) thats interesting about why they drop their buds.I will make sure they are planted deeper next year.
The pink bud is teasingly half open this morning at 6am.I wont be back untill 9pm so we will see if it has opened in my abscence :)

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite smell in the UNIVERSE! I grow them here in Wyoming and am up to about 50 bulbs now. They reproduce like mad! I swear, my garden scents the entire foot of the Big Horn Mountains!