Thursday, June 21, 2007

Irish Honeysuckle

Sent Airmail from Ireland from Salixtree, a gorgeous Honeysuckle cutting.It was put into a ziplock bag, into a South African teabag box, and into a padded envelope.

The plant survived the trip, was repotted in some new soil, and is happily growing away on the windowsill.

I wanted Honeysuckle for ages, and used to walk past a florist that was selling small plants for

Ten pounds.
I think Salixtree took cuttings last summer and has let them grow roots in the winter and spring.
It had good roots, nice patterned leaves, and now lots of new growth.
The RHS book says they grow well in fertile, well drained soil, in full sun, or partial shade. They only need pruning of woody bits after flowering, or to restrict growth as they can be vigerous.I have some honeysuckle now for my garden when I move from here :)

This is the second of the new arrivals...


Becky~ said...

That is so nice! The flowers will be so fragrant!

snappy said...

Hi Becky, you must leave your blog address as I cant access your profile.The Honeysuckle has a little growing to do before it flowers, but I can wait for it to grow up the sticks and fill the pots with roots.Ready for when I move to a house with a garden.

Salix Tree said...

Yay! How funny to see my plant over there.. I've been watching it just sitting outside for months, and it finally started growing this spring. It looks happy!

snappy said...

It does look happy still.It is growing on nicely with healthy green leafs appearing at the top of the plant and between the leaf axils.The leaves have a lovely intricate pattern and when illuminated behind by daylight they look like green church windows.Thanks you for remembering I wanted Honeysuckle, and growing a cutting on for me.I hope it flowers then I can do a post for you with your plant flowering.Your greenfingers have brought me some happiness!The plant is on the bedroom windowsill in pride of place :)