Sunday, June 17, 2007

Another Rose

I wander if this is Rosa Eglantyne which is a briar type rose with a cup flower.
It smelt lovely too but the heavy rain had decimated the flower.Theres lots of buds there though.Growing in the shadey Scented garden alongside the Wisteria.


Ki said...

Decimated or not it is a lovely rose. Very beautiful photograph and love those raindrops.

snappy said...

Thanks Ki.I have just looked at your blogs.You have three on the go at the same time.
I love the red clover picture.I think you must be into photography so i might pick your brain if i have problems with my fuji finepix camera.
At harlow carr i took 275 photos of which only maybe 6 were out of focus (where i was rushed to take a quick picture.The alpine house was narrow to walk about and lot of people sheltered from the rain).
I think most of my pictures came out.There were a lot of raindrops too!