Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rain, Rain

A rare break in the clouds, in the morning.It rained torrentially all day monday, and flooded parts of Wakefield. Closed roads, flooded villages.
More rain fell in a few hours I think than all of June normally.It started when we went to Harlow Carr and has rained ever since for nearly two and a half weeks. Mondays rain was like a monsoon and the chaos of closed roads, diversions, and rivers bursting their banks.
All over parts of Britain but especially Yorkshire was hit hardest in places.
I was out today and saw several areas still swamped by water. A lone tree had fallen over as the waterlogged ground had given way.It lay across a grass verge horizontally.
Strange times these for Abnormal weather.Todays daytime temperature was only 14 degrees C.Very chilly for June.
The flowers were still trying to put on their coloured faces, even through the wind and rain.The Deluge has stopped now.Need some warmer weather to dry up the flooded areas.

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