Saturday, June 16, 2007

Geum in the Rain

One Rain drenched Geum, unknown red variety in a sea of red and green.This was definitely the Hot end of the main border. Next stop mermaids, whales, and a pirate ship...


Gee Magpie said...

Hey Bro! What excellent pictures of your mammoth day trip out. The geum thing (looks like a poppy to me) looks splendid - you really have an eye for photographs. Stop by my page I'm posting a passion flower pic. Saves me messing about emailing it! Love sis xxx

snappy said...

Hi Jaws,Im stealing your photo to blog it later after I have done my Harlow Carr last posts.The passionflower is indeed a beast.I think you should let people comment on your blog.Be brave I do.And if you enable email you can use editors judgement whether to publish.
99.9% of my comments I publish.I dont mind if they disagree with me, or give me a correct name, its part of the community.
I have also been tapped recently by three Commercial requests.I will mention them all today I think.Glad you liked my photos!!