Thursday, June 21, 2007

Star Jasmine

After the scented garden I wanted to buy a plant with scented flowers.I think the only plant growing with a scent is the Oriental Stargazer lilly, and that only has one flower bud left growing.

I went to Homebase and looked for Jasmine.I bought this Star Jasmine, a leafy evergreen plant with star shaped fragrant white flowers.

It is awaiting a new pot and A cane frame to be trained around.I was thinking of a Stephanopsis with its flowers on a willow frame.I did not find one.
Its long winded full name is Trachelospernum Jasminoides.It can grow a massive six metres high and can be grown up a house or a wall.It needs well drained, fertile soil. It needs a sheltered sunny location.
It flowers all summer and the scent is Jasmine. It is also called Confederate Jasmine, did it grow in the deep south of the USA?


Britt-Arnhild said...

Oh, I would love to have this fragrance in my garden.

lisa said...

Wow-I bet that smells divine!

snappy said...

Britt-Arnhild the Scent would be lovely growing up a trellis or wigwam shape by your blue tables in the Blue garden.The warm summer breeze would blow the sweet Jasmine scent.It is lovely,im addicted to sniffing it everytime I walk by.
Lisa,It is a divine smell from little star shaped flowers.Suprisingly fragrant for their size.