Friday, June 15, 2007

Woodland Walk

A cheeky Woodland Spirit looking down on the Rain soaked visitors. I love the Ornate metal work and the fun of putting it on a tree. I wander what his name is?

Woodland sculptures were around the entrance to the woods. Tree sculptures held on sticks, log rolls within mesh wire. Logs piled up.These are to encourage wildlife I think with micro habitats.The ground was damp, and woody smelling.The plants were lush and green.

A Fun Shrub monster with blood dripping from his teeth, and glowing fiery eyes.I loved this. Fran took a photo for her kids but I think it was for her really..

The Mushrooms, home to fairy folk in British Myths and legends.Foxgloves and Ferns were growing happily beneath the tree canopys.
We headed back to the Car for Sandwiches and coffee.I will post a How wet was I photo next.The woodland covers about one third of the Harlow Carr garden.We saw only the edge of it, as the weather was wet.I will hopefully see the rest in July when we return again!


lisa said...

What a cool place!

snappy said...

The Harlow Carr woods need further exploring and photographing.They were originally there left from the original estate but have been managed to form several woodland glades.Apparently their is lots of bluebells growing in the woods.I need to return when they are in season.Their is statues, pillars, wooden artworks, nature reserves within the old wood, bee hives, and a bird hide.It will be a magic environment enjoyed by visiting gardeners, bloggers, and nature lovers.Plus all the wildlife, and Fauna that can grow in woods.I love the Ferns (Apparently it has one of the best outdoor collections of Ferns and Fuschias in the Woods somewhere!)
58 Acres was too much for a rain soaked visit, but what a visit I had.It has made an impression on me for sure :)