Friday, June 22, 2007

My Sister's Passionflower

Growing up a garden fence in Rochester. Jawsy sent me her mobile phone picture before which was quite small.This is better size for the Blog!
I love passion flowers for the uniqueness of the flower and the legends behind it.I am suprised they can grow in Britain but they must be quite hardy.
I will also post another Passiflora that was for Sale at the Harlow Carr garden centre.I took a photo so I could remember it.
The Rochester Passionflower have a peppermint green colour, with a blue, white, and yellow.I will compare them later.


Dirty Fingernails said...

I love the passion flower.. Is it very hard to grow them?? I live in a hot humid climate in the US..

snappy said...

Hi Dirty fingernails.On the next post there is an American Nursery that sells passion flowers.They would be able to advice about which ones can grow in a hot environment.They are native to South America I think.The biggest problem here in Britain is the cold winters and frost killing them off.:)