Thursday, June 14, 2007

Colours in the perennial Border

My one sideways photo of the massed planted perennials that grow above the sides of the sunken pool.There were Geums with red flowers, some blue Iris, some Red hot pokers, Gazanias, roses climbing up the arbour entrance where two benches invitingly waited to be sat on to shelter from the rain.I dont know the red flower name, the blue is Salvia I think.There were lots of pink roses too, you can see a few on the bottom left of photo.


Kerri said...

Your garden tour has been wonderful so far David. What a great place to visit. Too bad the weather was so wet.
I know what you mean by learning a lot. I feel the same way when we visit The Cornell Plantations. I love seeing which plants pair well. The combinations are amazing. Coleus looks fantastic with dahlias!
I think the red flower is Centranthus.
I see you have a bleeding heart. Did you buy it, or did those seeds I sent germinate? My plants did amazingly well this year, even the white, which usually stays small, grew into a large plant and is still flowering profusely. I'll post about it very soon.

snappy said...

A friend gave me her bleeding heart as it was languishing in the garage I think.Im trying to revive it.The first Bleeding heart Alba died despite my best intentions.I think the drought in the nursery weakened its immune system and it succumbed.
The day was lovely, not withstanding the weather.Soo many plants I was in heaven!
A few more places to post,it is a tour of RHS Harlow Carr.Im glad you enjoyed it,wandered if anyone was reading it lol.Will drop by your blog soon :) to see your flowers and Barn Cats.