Saturday, June 30, 2007

Emails to the Snappy Gardener

A while ago I was emailed from a lady who works for Sears the big American Chain store company. She'd somehow came across my blog, and thought I would be a good person to email about their online games, related to the Items being sold of course.

For the Snappy Gardener it was the Lawn mower game. I was intrigued why they would develop an online game to help sell more lawn mowers.

I have tried it, and will leave the link so you can see it yourself.
I emailed the lady back saying I would mention it on my blog. There you go Mel, I did it.
The link is:

I forgot to say that if you register and play the challenge you can win a Craftsman mower, toolset, or Kenmore Grill. I dont know what any of them are but they sound nice!
I dont think Sears have any shops in England. I like the way she contacted me on my own humble blog.Thanks Mel :)
The other Email was from a guy called Alex who said he had seen my blog and wanted me to try out a Widget on the blog.
To be honest I did not even know what one was.Having checked the email again it is a news bar with links related to whatever keywords you type in. You can adjust it and then paste the code onto your blog!
I will try it to see if it adds to my gardens blog, i guess if it doesnt i can always delete the code.The link is here:
Thats two emails that I have mentioned. Is it good or bad that people email you to try things out, even when they have a commercial reason usually?
The guy who never made it was a South American who left a comment with his website on it, selling T shirts with pictures on them.He wrote in Portugese and I had to use Babel fish to translate his comment.It was not related to gardening at all and i dont know if he even read my blog.
There was another question by email yesterday about Phalaenopsis orchid and their flower spikes. To cut or not to cut?
Im working all day in a few hours. Goodnight blogosphere, sleep well all you Gardeners!


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hey maybe your next email will be someone wanting to buy your blog for a lot of money. Too bad you don't have Sears. I can't think of anything in England that I have seen that it compares to. Think of an slightly upscale Walmart, I guess. They do have a good tool brand called Craftsman.

snappy said...

Thanks Chris,Maybe that email will come one day.The Orchid question from the lady was quite touching really.About flowers dropping off, and whether the moth Orchid would survive.The craftsman brand is good then? Better get playing to win the prizes!

Karen said...

I like being able to help people who leave questions. But sometimes they are just RUDE, which is annoying. Usually I just ignore all the commercial ones.

snappy said...

Hi Karen,I was touched that they all emailed me though.Im reserving judgement on the scrolling news bar though.I dont like rude comments either :)