Monday, June 25, 2007

Moth Orchid

The Phalaenopsis I rescued from Homebase, with new growth coming between the upper two leaves.Its roots are growing out of the bark/moss mix that it was supplied with. It came in a plastic pot with holes in the bottom, and was sold in a square glass vase.
At the base of the plant there is also a rounded point growing out. The leaves grow Alternately and it says as a new leave grows on, one of the lower ones drops off. On Average they have four active leaves.
It is placed in a saucer of water to maintain the Humidity, in the Light but not directly sunlit windowsill. It is watered with tepid water when the bark mix is dry to touch. I let the water run over the leaves, down the bark mix and through the roots out of the plastic pot.
I need to buy a bigger pots made of clear plastic, with holes in the bottom. The bark/moss mix is moulded to fit the pot but should be packed so you can lift the plant out without the mix falling apart.
The clear pot keeps the light shining through onto the roots, which are slim and green.They have green growing tips which is a sign of root growth.
These Asian Moth Orchids are some of the easiest to care for, if you mimic their tree dwelling home. They are Epiphytes, living on tree's, so never have their roots in contact with soil. They must catch the rain water before it falls to the ground.
I hope it can be made to flower.My problem is trying to find a clear plastic pot to repot it, and also where to find a Bark/moss mix suitable for packing the roots in the bigger pot.I will keep looking and it might be mail order.
Does anyone know of UK suppliers of Orchid pots, and potting mix?
I am going back to work again for a long day.I will get wet feet as it is pouring with rain outside again.The Phalaenopsis is chilling inside the flat :)


Claire Splan said...

I am continually amazed at how many plants you have growing indoors!I'm not so good with indoor plants, but you must be giving yours just the right attention. Bravo!

snappy said...

Thanks Claire,Some of my many indoor plants are doing well.Some not too well.I think the growing things indoors is a reflex to not having a garden.The good thing is I tend the plants daily, and photograph them as they grow, and flower.
The Orchids will stay even when i get a garden.A house without plants just does not feel right.Even just a single Aspidistra or Peace Lilly makes me feel better :)
I have been slightly driven to keep buying new plants.Like an old Victorian collector, having a plant obcession.

Philip Estenson said...

The leaves on your moth orchid have watermarks which makes this a special plant indeed. Has your moth orchid bloomed since you rescued it? I am doing some research on moth orchids and ran across your post and thought I would leave a comment. Hope you don't mind that I am linking from my comment. Great job on the article.