Monday, June 11, 2007

Mystery Hedge flower

Taken today on the way back home from my nightshift.The purple coloured flowers look almost like Fuschias.
I have no idea what this plant is growing in the hedgerow.In the hedgerow the purple stands out miles from the greens, tan, and whites.
The butter cups are flowering, a daisy kind of flower, and today I even saw some Dog roses.I only realised when i got back.My blurry photo is like the Acrylic painting i did of the Rosa Canina.
I also got the photo i wanted of a red poppy growing in a residential planting display.where the pink flowers were before.
A beautiful red poppy with black centre.
What is my mystery hedgerow plant?Is it related to the Fuschias im growing?


Ali said...

is it a vine? If so... I believe it is Purple Nightshade...

It is VERY poisonous

"Woody Nightshade is the most common of the Nightshade family. It scrambles through hedges and shrubs, entwining the branches.

The flowers are clusters of purple flowers, each with five petals and a golden cone (anthers) in the centre of each. The flowers are about 15 mm across.

The flowers are followed by glossy, oval berries which start green, turning to yellow and red when ripe. The berries are very poisonous.

This plant is also a source of a drug used for skin diseases and chest problems."

snappy said...

Thanks Ali.I believe its also called bittersweet.Woody nightshade, and the whole plant is poisonous.I will have to monitor its progress to berrys from the five petaled flowers.
It sticks out because of the lovely colours of the petal and stamen.

Salix Tree said...

Yeps, it's nightshade. The first word that went through my head was "solanum". That covers everything from tomatoes to aubegine to potatoes to deadly nightshade... with many other plants included.