Friday, May 04, 2007

The Music of plants

When I have been working I have left the radio on in the Kitchen so the Bletillas and geraniums and oriental stargazer lillys have music to listen to.

Prince Charles used to (or still does) talk to his plants.I am bringing mine up with the sounds of Classic FM.

The Bletilla Striata has grown lovely since I started doing these set of seven nights.I dont want the plants to feel neglected :)

I was reading today horrible things about tomato plant viruses, theres one called the Wilts.I told Hils and she said she would bring me some tomato plants in.She advised tomato plant feed.I read that nursery grown tomato plants are at the mercy of Thrips, an insect that carrys viruses that attack tomato plants.

We will see if my three tomato plants survive this attack :(

Gardeners delight is still growing the best, its a foot tall.The tigerella, and red pear one look very sickly and thin leaved.I dont know if they will survive.

Only two more nights to go before I can recheck the health of my indoor greenhouse plants and seedlings.Roll on monday morning!


Anita said...

I did not sow any tomatoes this year, I'll buy them from the nursary. Unfortunately, they were sold out when we went there on Wednesday.

Oh yes, I speak to my plants, too! It's VERY important! ;-))))

By the way, did I already answer your question on my Easter decorations? Yes, I used a needle for the eggs... ;-)))

Good luck for your indoor seedlings!


R said...

hi snappy...
tomatoes often do not do well if planted in the same garden spot.. are yours in the same place? they often rot and wilt...

i am just starting my gardens... i am wondering where my hydrangea is...