Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Northern California to Wakefield

The Asiatic lillys, another pink flower has bloomed.I love the colours on the windowsill to contrast with the peeling white washed walls and rotting window frames.

If I knew how lovely they were going to look I would have bought more pots from the nursery.

Maybe some whites, reds, purples, to grow en masse in pots.

Angela in California has them growing outside, and hers look just as scrumptious as mine.


She is my kindred spirit with the chinese ground orchids and Asiatic lillys growing in her garden.The climate difference is obvious with mine being indoors, and hers being outside.I will have to see what else she is growing for future projects :)

My tomato plants need to be cold resistant.The gardeners delight are setting fruits on one plant, the other GD, and the Ponderosa Pink are not doing anything exciting yet.

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