Saturday, May 19, 2007

F.A Cup Final day

Saturday,May 19th.The FA cup final is fourty minutes away between Manchester united, and Chelsea.

90,000 will fill the new Wembly stadium and fill it with the sounds of Abide with me.Then the national anthem, and Prince William being presented to the teams.

Its the first cup final at the new stadium.The two best football teams (soccer to usa) in the English premier league.

The Royal family have seats overlooking the pitch.The build up has been off past finals, legendary players, and images of the old stadium which was the heart of English football, where the national team played.

Children watch it with their Family, then play in the street dreaming of scoring the winning goal in an FA cup final.

The photo is from the BBC.Children playing in front of the newly constructed stadium.

Good luck to both Teams.May there be many more finals in the new home of english football.

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Anonymous said...

whoo-hoo-hoo. Chelsea won by hook or by crook.