Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Morning Worship

The Sun was risen when I walked to work yesterday past many trees, flowers, and weeds.
The Sunlight was dancing through the leaves illuminating them.It was quiet apart from the birds singing.There is a joy in the first hours of a new day.
Especially with the sunshine warming the sleepy plants up, and the wind teasing them with slight motion.
Most people were asleep at half six in the morning, only the early workers were moving about.I saw chattering magpies, who have found their voices recently.They had not been chatty before.
Juvenile blackbirds hop around looking for juicy worms, the original early birds.
Many other little brown birds hopped, flew from the alley into the tree's chattering, play fighting.
They ignore me untill I get too close walking. The blackbirds just move into the hedgerow.They dont fear me, they are like the Westgate pidgeons and starlings. They are semi domesticated, living on chips and kebabs left from the nights..
I love the walk to work.People cannot understand why I walk, and dont drive.I love the wind, rain, sunshine, fog, and the birds and wildflowers. The trees and the dappled light magically lighting up the new day.
Some people go to church for morning worship,I just need to walk through nature to feel relaxed and happy :)


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

I love your last line, about walking through nature. Isn't that the best way to commune with God/Mother Earth/ Pan/the Cosmos? It puts one closer to what we are made of.

David (Snappy) said...

Its true, thats why gardeners are quite spiritual.Some blogs can be quite philsophical about life, plants, and living.
Here the seasons come around every year, and our childhood memories come flooding back.With cut grass, cherry blossoms, dandelions and daisys.
If we examine nature and look closely then we are reminded of god/the cosmos.There is beauty in the birds and bee's, trees and flowers, the shrubs and grass.
We enjoy all the earthly delights of nature, the original garden of Eden..