Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Arrivals

I went looking for Peruvian Lillies on Sunday, but came back with two new plants.

One is the blue flowered balloon plant, the other is an upright Geranium called Vancouver Centennial I think.

They were to give me some colour whilst I wait for my other plants to catch up.

The balloon flower, when there is a flower bud in colour I will photograph it. This plant had one flower, and one blue bud which opened to this.
It has a white crown to start with but they have opened up now..

The Scarlet coloured Geranium flower.They took a battering coming back to the flat in the carrier bag.
Makes me think of Gone with the wind..


Philosophical Karen said...

Oh, I'm glad you mentioned the name of that geranium. It's one of the ones I have that was just labelled as a "brocade-leaf geranium". Now at least I know the name of one of them. T

hose look like some great choices for colour in your window. And I see your new camera is capable of some great things. That last photo of the geranium flower is an excellent close up shot.

Unknown said...

I love that, Snappy... I'm going to think of Ms. O'Hara everytime I see the scarlet geranium now! *grin*

Kerri said...

I'm happy to know the name of that geranium too because I have it (wintered over from last year). I too will think of Scarlet O'Hara now whenever I look at it :)
The red flower close-up is a beauty!
I love your lilies too.

Anonymous said...

WOW, your photos are GREAT!