Wednesday, May 09, 2007

First Picture :)

The first blogged picture off my new camera.I had to chase parcelforce worldwide who had made it dissapear. I went out for thirty minutes yesterday and they must have tried to deliver.When i checked the website it said left at post office.There are three all within a mile of here so I had to track it down.

I went to collect the large box from Amazon.I have spent the afternoon messing around and doing my head in.The Fuji Finepix 6500 is the most complicated camera I have ever had.

I need to buy a memory card so i can mess about more and work out how to get crisp flower shots. With digital if you dont like the picture you can delete it.

I still have my mobile camera which i know how to work.It will take time to get used to the digital camera.


KC MO Garden Guy said...

Good luck with the new camera. I an a visual person. I need to see how to use it. It makes no sense if I have to read the direction and try to do it. Technology challenged here!!

David (Snappy) said...

I am a visual person now, the blogging has encouraged it, and i can look at other blogs for how photos are taken with flowers and tree's.there are some amazing photographers out there.I am firstly a gardener who takes pictures to illustrate whats growing or the blog post.
I get frustrated with the manual.Its read page 64, flip back to 46, then forward to 82 etc.
Its disjointed and the icons confuse me.It will come with time.
Technology challenged here, but learning to work with it slowly, but with mistakes all the way.If i learn from them its better :)