Sunday, May 27, 2007

Flying the nest

After eight weeks the plants for Hilarys village plant stall are ready to be picked up and taken for a weeks body building in her greenhouses. I got them ready last night and lined them up ready for collection.
There are Clary, Geraniums, Cactus, mother in laws tongue, Busy lizzie glowing embers, Convolvulus blue ensign, Midnight runner Violas, Gazania tiger stripes, and Thunbergia Alata salmon stripes.
The plant stand looks destitute now. The plant sale is next Sunday. She does it every year to raise funds for a village charity. It helped last year toddler groups, a junior rugby league team buy new kits, elderly charity groups, the scouts, etc.
Some of the plants i grew are not ready. The Echinacea, the Mimulus, the snapdragon beurre blanquii. These will stay to grow on...
I am not working next sunday so I will be there selling the plants, camera in hand, taking too many photos. A lot of other people have also grown her plants.I cant imagine how many plants will be on sale.
Knowing me I will buy a few to bring back too :)
I am glad that my seed grown plants will help in a small way to keep the village charity going supporting the local community.I have grown attached to my plants though, hence the flying the nest title.I love growing plants and flowers from seeds, but this is the first time I have grown them for another purpose besides to put in my garden.
I will be happy if they can be grown slightly more in a beautifully lit greenhouse with light from all sides not just from my windowsill.

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Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

That should be a great time next week, amongst plant people, chatting about plants.