Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ponderosa Pink, and a little yellow flower

The Ponderosa pink (It still sounds like an Italian racing car, rather than a tomato plant), in its new pot with its stick supporting its growth.It is a very graceful tomato plant with leaves gently curved down on its stems. The Gardeners delight are short, stocky, and more compact.
I think the pink part of the name is about the tomato's have a pink tone to their flesh. I can wholly understand people who grow many varieties of tomato's. The leaves are fragrant when rubbed (I do rub the leaf then inhale the delicious scent of tomato plant).

I can dream of cheese n tomato sandwiches, and making traditional Italian pasta with fresh off the plant tomato's, and olive oil, maybe with Tagliatelle.
Every year I'm sure the Gardeners question time panel grow varieties of tomato's. My first grown tomato plants were last year, they were grown from Asda beefsteak tomato. I scooped out a few seeds, and removed the clear jelly stuff surrounding them. The seeds all germinated and brought on tomato madness/passion!
They flower too, above is the gardeners delight with the delicate looking yellow flower.Where the flowers are gorgeous red tomato's grow!
What Varieties do you grow? And do you have some nice recipes for cooking with tomato's like traditional pasta dishes?

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