Friday, May 11, 2007

Chinese ground Orchid

Photographed this morning.I am off work now untill next week.No more extra shifts.It is cold and wet outside.I will go shopping soon for the right memory card and a tripod. I shake too much for the camera. It has not got image stabilisation, so it blurs pictures.
The camera manual could be written in a different language! Im with KC MO guy who said he prefers a point and shoot camera. The imprecision of the language in the manual is funny. I will persevere today. I am noticing the difference in pictures between my mobile camera, and the Fuji finepix 6500.
It is brighter and more vivid when it takes pictures in Focus. I think I will set up a studio on the windowsill and photograph every plant with good light illuminating it.
What are growing well are the Asiatic lillys, the Tomato plants (Ponderosa pink and Gardeners delight), the Stargazer lillys, geraniums, the Candy pink Fuschias, the Gazanias, etc.
More posts later.I have been doing some research after i finished one of my books!

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