Friday, May 11, 2007

Jewel Orchid Leaves

The Jewel orchids holographic leaves have been nicely pictured here.I can imagine them in a dark tropical rainforest.They are sat on a saucer with stones to maintain the humidity around the plant.I dont know why some of the leaves are turning a copper red colour.
I need a wider pot, the white one is deep but narrow.These have a nice habit of growing sideways untill they fall out of the pot.They are easy to propogate.That will be a future project to make many jewel orchids for family and friends.


lisa said...

Love that foliage!

David (Snappy) said...

Me too.I read the leaves have seperate reflective cells in them.If you ever get to see a jewel orchid tilt it from side to side.The surface is like a hologram, as in it changes colour and light reflection as you tilt it.My poor jewel orchid just sighed as i played with its leaves to see the light changing.Its they are very hard to photograph.Velvety holograms!!