Thursday, May 24, 2007

Passion flower in Rochester

My sister sent me this picture of her passion flower blooming in her Rochester garden. It had been chopped back severely but has regrown with a passion.Im hoping she will send me a bigger picture.She shrank it down to send it to my mobile.
I love passion flowers, so the small photo stays.Well done Sist, the Hamilton gardeners strike again.
I never thought she would grow anything at all.She likes to sit and read in the garden, but since moving she has got dirt on her fingers and the sun on her face.


Georgina said...

Steady on Bro'! I don't really *garden* - the passion flower lived on because Mum saved it last year from my gravel-a-holic tendency, and I've just let it be!

Nature does this magic all on it's own, which works for me :) Sis xx

David (Snappy) said...

Its grown though under your laissez faire care :)
Mum has got green fingers too.The flowers are magic and legend.The passion of christ.Send me a better photo.I want a passion flower now!

gardenfever said...

I just purchased my first passion flower and it truly is beautiful. Would anyone know how to propagate it. The information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Gardenfever