Thursday, May 24, 2007

Asiatic Pink Lilly

The asiatic pink lilly are developing fast, now the flower buds are growing in size and a few have developed a pink tinge. I guess this will darken. The aquilegias start with white flower buds, then the colour appears through like blotting paper. Gradually increasing in tone, the colours shine through.
The pink lillys have grown mad since i bought pink pots with the bulbs hidden in soil. The Oriental Stargazers are also developing buds now, but not as impressive as these pink ones.
They have similar looks with woody stems and outward facing slim green leaves. The flower buds all develop on top within a rosette of leaves, then get pushed outwards.
I have never grown lillys, despite looking at loads of day lillys beloved by American/Canadian gardeners.
The internet is good for making you think about plants you either have never grown or never heard of.
I hope they are brilliant flowers, so i can take more photos. For the five displayed I took over a hundred today. The camera is getting a work out and the rechargeable batterys are lasting really well. About four hundred pics I think if you use the electonic view finder and not the LCD screen.
This week is the Chelsea flower show.I have two long days at work to do, before I can blog about that.
One year I will book time off work and go to the RHS Chelsea flower show, the big mama of flower shows.
Looking at the webcam it looked packed...its good to dream of going. Instead I will be working in the hospital.
I always have my lillys to look forward to flowering instead :)


Digital Flower Pictures said...

I think you will enjoy the cultivation of Lilies. They are easy to grow and very showy and rewarding.

It looks like you are making good use of that new camera.


David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Chris.I enjoy looking at your blog, especially with the photos and your notes on the plant/flower/tree that you have photographed.I liked the Orchid pics you took at Brooklyn botanical garden before.The Camera is good, its just working out the best ways of photographing things.Its a learning process for me.